Mommy says friendships come and go, while family stays through it all.

Lately, I’ve been abnormally swamped between school, work, and side activities. I barely find time for myself, let alone my friends. 
I always feel like I’m trying harder to reach out to them when they make little efforts to find me. To what extent do they really care after asking about how my day was? Are they listening or just replaying their day as I process mine? How much of their thoughts go into judging versus understanding where I’m at?

I love my friends, regardless. I’ve never been one to burn bridges, no matter the circumstance. I can’t hold that grudge, even if I vividly remember the incident that caused it. I just don’t feel as if my friends are on the same stream of consciousness as me, though. They not only lack understanding, they don’t make an effort to understand. They don’t make an effort to reach out while I’m gone as I do for them.

It makes me wonder why there are so many of us in this world, we co-exist as humans. But ultimately, we still often end up alone regardless of the million-bajillion-gazillion people that surround us.  

Most of us come to realize that there are very few who genuinely care about what we have to say. I think most people just listen for their cue to start talking about themselves, in reply to what we were saying.