Oh my goodness, what is up with my new-found obsession with posting? I just posted a blog a mere…five hours ago?!

This is what I get for deciding to spend a Saturday night at home and letting my thoughts consume me.

Anyway, the old saying, “ignorance is bliss”.

I actually wonder about that a lot. Is ignorance really bliss? Within the last few months, I feel like I’ve let go of so many people because of my shortened ability to deal with people’s ignorance. My patience is still high as far as accepting people goes, but I’m beggining to realize that I find it much harder to maintain it. Not only can I not stand very many things anymore, I don’t even hold back on what needs to be said in order to avoid hurt feelings. 

I mean, granted, I’m still very patient and tolerant. Back then though, I used to really not be affected by much, especially the opinions of others. I always accepted that that’s how they felt and that’s the way they’ll lead their lives, keeping myself isolated from their selfish, ignorant concerns. Now, it truly annoys me to the point that I write a ton of blogs just to express my unsatisfactory realizations about people I called my best friends. 

Being “ignorant” helped me accept people more. Being knowledgeable and mature helps me appreciate myself more. 

Where’s the  medium?


In the words of my own personal bible author: “Self expression is just as important as getting wasted”.