Most people know me, but not many understand me.


Every friend I’ve ever had have told me I’m too passive. I’m too nice. I need to speak up. I need to put people in their place.

Yes, I am a really nice person. Despite that though, I’m also an observer.I train myself to be accomodating rather than train others to accomodate me. I’m comfortable with who I am, something not many can say about themselves. 

When I first get to know someone, they often reveal something personal to me. Our relationship begins to build because I’m not easily angered or offended, making communication move a lot smoother. I’m very open minded and easy going, leaving plenty of room for someone to be completely themselves. I’m only human, I make assumptions about someone before getting to know them. Nonetheless, I can still look past that in order to understand them as best I can.

I get lectured countlessly about my inability to be confrontational or voicing myself. Like, I really get tired of it. It doesn’t always have to be about me. I’m not about the ME, ME, ME. I deal with mysef everday and go crazy in my own head thinking about myself, I’m tired of me. I’d much rather invest time in getting to know others, in relation to me.

Especially in relationships or potential mates, I always encounter the issue of being “too passive”. Maybe its not passiveness, maybe I actually use my brain to approach these matters before jumping down someone’s throat and “putting them in their place”. Not many things make complete sense, definitely not something like relationships and dating. I feel like 99% of songs written are written for the complications found in mating. Its a process that deserves patience; I trust that many issues can be resolved solely by the test of time and further experience. I’m often so accomodating because I feel like I’m at a stable point, while others are not. I want to give them the chance to reach that point before moving further, even if I’m ready before them. I get to know someone so well that I know of their perks, and its important to me that I respect that rather than trying to make them respect mine. Cause really, I respect mine. I don’t need anyone else to. 

So if being “too passive” means I’m using my brain too often, then yes, I am very passive. 
If being “too passive” means I’m offering patience when patience is deserved, then yes, I am still very passive.