I logged onto this thing today and realized I have a list of drafts that I began writing but never let myself finish. Even if I do finish, I don’t post it.

My decisions on which blog to post is similiar to my decisions on which thoughts to express outloud. I often yield from saying what I’m thinking until I feel its necessary to say, or until I feel comfortable saying it. Otherwise, I spend a lot of my time observing what others are saying.

Its not even that I’m afraid of what others might think, I just don’t feel the need to say everything I’m thinking. Unless I’m asked, that is. Until then will you really know whether they care about that thought or not.

In addition, my mom has always taught me that we’re born with two ears and one mouth; use them accordingly.

Sometimes I feel that people are too quick to speak, so quick that they drown out another’s opinion through the loudness of theirs. In return, all of these thoughts conflict each other because no one’s listening, everyone’s just pushing theirown views. Its not fair to expect everyone to have an open mind, but its unfair to be judged and feel as if we need to prove ourselves before we are accepted.

I personally don’t push to prove anyone anything different from their already conceived opinions about me. I’m confident in what I have to offer and I’ll push my potentials to exceed its limit. Whether or not its good enough for them is beyond me, as long as I present myself in a way that feels pleasing and get the work done efficiently.

I’m lucky enough to not often have to face the negativity in my peer’s preconceived misconceptions, mainly because I look like a harmless 10 year old to most people. Nonetheless, I still think that I’d carry myself the same way even if another’s judgements of me are too harsh. My intentions are well and that should be enough to feed my contentment.

I used to talk a lot. Okay, I STILL do talk a lot. The difference is that back then I used to talk a lot with little knowledge and paid my thoughts more attention than another’s. I’ve learned to sit back and take in what someone else has to say before I form my own phrases.

My thoughts, just like my blogs, are mostly just drafts.