Intentions are often misunderstood in the mix, as complications cloud our stream of consciousness.

I think that what I desire most in this life is to just have peace of mind. I wish that people’s appearance weren’t of great importance to others, that people didn’t emphasize on being beautiful and perfected. I wish materialism didn’t matter and everyone still could find happiness in the simplest of pleasures. Something as simple as taking walks and watching movies from drive-ins.Fuck the he-said, she-said bullshit. I wish external substances weren’t abused; we should just naturally be capable of dealing with our problems without that assistance.

I just want to frolic. I want to be free of expectations so I avoid disappointments easier. Free of obligations that wear me thin. Free of other people underestimating or overestimating me.

I just want to live in harmonial existence.

I want to have a clear mind, a clear conscience, and a nice cup of iced coffee on the porch. ❤