“Maybe happiness is something we can only pursue, but never have.”

I often think about how so many of us are never completely satisfied. As human beings, we associate ourselves with growth. We strive for the better even if we seem to have the best. Its positive in the way that we don’t allow ourselves to be stagnant, that we don’t always settle for happiness because we’re so adament about improvements. At the same time, we begin to lose sight of what we have because we’re so concerned about what we can have. I’ve come to understand that life isn’t as beautiful as I saw it through my eyes as a child. Not everyone is a good person, not everything will go as planned. I’ve found an ultimate appreciation for everything that’s in my posession and control, while not letting myself fall between the cracks by staying still.

While that may be, there are many things in life that diminish our pursuit of happiness. Over a lifetime, everyone shares the common goal of finding happiness. Whether it be in a significant other, in friends, family ties, or children; we all want to feel happy. Along the way, we encounter obstacles that causes us to lose hope. Break ups, divorce, deaths, poverty. There’s so much to be had, but so much to risk. The greatest of souls are tainted by ones not so pure. The most suitable mates are looked past and meshed into just friendship levels while people that aren’t as worthy get more of a chance.

Life’s unfair.

But the fact of the matter is, most of us continue to live it and keep striving to fullfill that pursuit. Whether we have happiness or not, we can’t help but to pursue it regardless. Eventually we realize that much of what creates our happiness, will create misery as well. The importance is if we profit more in happiness in the end. Is if that misery isn’t detrimental to our happiness, rather just..complementary instead.