“Be deliriously happy or at least leave yourself open to be.”– Meet Joe Black

I think positivity posesses an ever so powerful spell on our temperaments and environment. Most of us don’t realize the extent to which a little positivity can touch and influence another person’s life. Its like a ripple, a small pebble thrown into the ocean spreads a ripple through all directions. The more pebbles we toss, the more the ripple will spread. The more positivity we feed our peers, the more it will spread unto others.  Sometimes when I recieve positive feedback from my co-workers , it can change my entire outlook on the day ahead of me. That *scrunch-your-shoulders-energy-rushing-through-the-body-feeling*. Is it just me?

Its like a breath of fresh air to meet people who are pleasant and positive.

On the same note, a little negativity can travel quite the distance too. Its interesting, something I’ve discussed with my friend. The negative charge is always more powerful, there’s always plenty more of it. In relation to math, even if you have 100, 100 * -1 is still a negative number. One person’s negativity can influence a whole pack of others.  One electric shock can send waves into the sea, it can take lives right from underneathe us. Being negative to someone won’t kill them, but I find it intriguing to realize just how powerful it is.

What I’m saying is, spread a little love. You never know where it may go, who it may touch, and what it can establish.

Peace, love, and applesauce ya’ll.