Have you ever thought about if you would, or how you would, continue living life if you were blind?

I was on campus today and I saw a blind woman, making her way with a walking stick. I thought about my life in pitch black. What if I only heard the sounds of footsteps but didn’t see them? What if I could only feel with my hands and not see with my eyes?

While blind, we’re still capable of hearing speech. We can articulate through our sense of touch, understand through our ability to hear. I think that the blind are more capable of maximizing their understanding of a person, merely because the distraction of looks do not factor in.

Our natural infatuation for beauty disregards what isn’t beautiful; we often pick out a person’s physical flaw during conversation. Maybe not all the time, but we’re more guilty of taking notice to flaws than positive attributes.

In contrast…we so often use our advantange of eyesight for what’s unecessary and insignificant in comparison to other scenes we can view.

Anyway, I proceeded to getting on the lightrail to join everyone else in what might as well have been a sardine can. Everyone’s always fixated on their technological advice; heads down, fingers busy.  I’m guilty of it too.

The majority of us are fortunate enough to see, but how much seeing do we really do? We see what’s in front of us, we see what benefits us. How often do we fully take advantage of our sight? I was walking today and realized that I don’t notice the artchitecture of buildings enough. Every building has a different colored roof..the windows also glisten differently in different lights and different times of day. I realized there are so many colors that are reflected that I am dismissing; choosing the click of my phone keys over observations I should embrace.

Have you ever played that game where they ask obvious questions like, is the green light on the bottom or top? Most of us take time to think about it, but this should be a question we’re capable of answering immediately. Its so clear that we’re oblivious to the obvious.

So clear that the world’s turning blind. We’re as blind as the blind.