“Know Thyself”

It still amazes me, how much I don’t know about myself. So often I’m consumed in figuring someone else out that I forget to think about who I am first. I truly believe that the power of knowing yourself is valuable and most useful in the way you lead your life and your treatment of others. The more you understand in yourself, the more you will be able to understand in others…with a few exceptions.  There’s also a scarcity in the amount of people that give enough thought to figuring themselves out. We are basically conditioned to find values that fit our own, to find character traits that justifiy what we already possess. Even though this strengthens your sense of self, it also weakens your ability to be open minded to opposing viewpoints when it comes to who you are as well.

I realized more clearly today that I am…a lot more complicated than I had initially thought. I’ve always told people that I am as I seem, and I portray everything I am inside on the outside. I have never been one to say, “you think you know me, but you don’t” because the truth is, if you think you know me, you probably do.

However, I realized that is pretty far from the truth. I do portray myself as I see myself, and open myself up in every way that I feel comfortable, which is almost every way. But I’ve realized that I often feel misunderstood. I realized I have a reason behind everything that I do, say, and commit to. There’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions behind everything and I don’t ever just do things blindly. Ultimately, I realized that…very few people know who I really am. Even fewer people understand.

The ability to truly know yourself lies within. No one should attempt or ever be able to tell you who you are or who you should be, for they will probably never fully know.

There’s strength in being able to know who you are and sticking by it, rather than letting your opinions and confidence sway with the people that taint it.