“I have baggage”.

“I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine”.


My mom told me that when looking for someone to be with, I can’t expect for there to be no flaws. There’s ALWAYS flaws, the trick is to figure out what flaws I can accept and what flaws I just can’t. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always taken that to heart and continued to look for my potentials in that perspective. I like flaws. I like people who are flawed. I’m flawed, “I have baggage”. I feel like I can’t commit. I have trouble letting people help me, with anything. I hate depending on others. I overschedule and overanalyze.

Ultimately, I’m just  “looking for baggage that goes with mine”.

I’ve always considered myself a hopeless romantic, but as I held onto my past experiences, I moved on with hesitation and have resulted to being alone for the most part. I find happiness within myself that I feel like I can’t depend on another to offer me. I’m fearful of what’s to come, what could happen. After talking to one of my best and oldest friends tonight, she offered me a most inspiring word of advice ,

“you can’t hold back because of unchartered territory”.